Common Mistakes When Placing A PCB Assembly Order

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Orders aren’t as simple as they seem. You may come across various issues that you weren’t aware of. A bad ECM may offer you faulty printed circuit boards that could cause problems for your product. This is why you should always go for a trusted ECM that’s certified to provide you robust solutions, like AiPCBA

Unlike other companies, we don’t sell you the products. We also help guide you according to your needs, to provide you the right parts and the best final product of the assembling process. In order to help you further, we’ve listed down the most common mistakes people make when placing a PCB Assembly Order. Our aim is to help avoid issues as soon as possible and ensure that your assembly process is taken care of in due time and with high-quality measures taken for every part of the process.

Have a look at some of the most common mistakes clients make, and how to resolve them:

Misplaced Files

First, at the ordering phase, you need to ensure having all the necessary files for the PCB Assembly process. These include the Gerber Files, the Bill of Materials, the Centroid File, the Assembly Drawings, and if required, a Special Instructions document. Furthermore, in the event of any changes, you should notify your ECM immediately. This way design flaws and issues can be tackled immediately, and the process would be done quickly.

Misunderstood Requirements

Getting the right PCB Assembly, by default means knowing exactly what you need for a project. But it has been observed that some clients have had vague explanations, but no clear understanding of what they exactly need. In order to get the right stuff, you need to be familiar with your requirements, and discuss those with your ECM. This way you ensure that you get the correct assembly for your desired final products.

Mishandled Parts

Some clients prefer to provide their own parts for the PCB Assembly. We encourage that as well, since we believe your creativity and ideas matter. However, if you do decide to pick your own parts, there could be unchecked issues regarding the quantity, referencing, and labels, among other issues. This is why we recommend discussing your project requirements with your ECM and allow them to order parts for you. Otherwise, you always do have the option of ordering from a reliable third-party, to meet the requirements of your ECM.

Improper Communication

Communication issues can heavily affect the assembly process. Whether it’s design updates, instructions or new information regarding the assembly requirements, everything should be timely communicated to your ECM, and they should be kept well-informed at all times. Similarly, all queries from the ECM related to your project should also be resolved at the earliest, to keep a continuous flow of work for your PCB Assembly. Clear documentation should also be ensured, both for initial requirements as well as for changes or updates informed later on.